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If you are a participant from a past Kusun Tour and would like to submit some of your images for inclusion on this page - please fill out this form and attach your image along with relevant details. Please note that by submitting an image for inclusion in our gallery you are granting Kusun Study Tour the right to make use of this image on our website and promotional material. You should only submit images if you are the copyright holder.

2006-09-03-03-42-54_0078-1 ablo-kora-2 aimee-singing amormorle-village_local-stalls balcony-view-7 bus
bus1 cannons_1 cement-mixer ceremony1 ceremony_j1 chain-rust_2
class1 coast1 coast2 cool_spot copy-of-ghana3-208 copy-of-shelley-156
copy-of-shelley-161 copy-of-shelley-162 copy-of-shelley-164 copy-of-shelley-188 dance1 dance2
dance3 dancers_2 dancers_dance-pose don't-urinate-here drummers-2 drums1
drums2 drying-fish_2-1 dumped-rubbish_3 elmino-boats_1 elmino-boats_2 elmino-castle
fetish1 fisherman food food2 food3 front-of-house-view
ghana-2006-009 ghana-2006-011 ghana-2006-064 ghana-2006-081 ghana-2006-097 ghana-2006-115

Copyright for all images remains with original photographers.

Thank you to all our image contributors, including: Stew Crooks, Tony Anagnostakis, Suse Hayes, Mick Thomas, Ingrid Elmitt, Holli Holdsworth, Jane Pentland, Kate McKenzie, Noni Collins, Eve Ollington-Greenhatch and Shelley Franklyn.

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