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What the students say

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‘Tettey and all the other musicians and wonderful persons……they gave us the possibility, not only to learn their culture, but to live it for a few moments and that has been the best for me. If you love drumming, you have to try this’

Vincenzo Floridia – Palermo, Italy

‘Amazing experience……in one month I advanced nearly a year in my development as a percussionist’

Paul Soteriou – Adelaide, Australia

‘The Kusun Study Tour is one of the best ways to fully integrate the exploration of music, dance and culture in a total experience’

Gary France – Head of Percussion, Australian National University

‘When is the next trip to Ghana??? I miss the rhythms, warmth, the colour and the freedom. You get to drum and dance everyday overlooking a magnificent surf beach. Witness outstanding authentic musical performances. You get to develop a stronger understanding of complex rhythms. Get enveloped by local culture as the Ghanaians embrace you with their dances and invite you into their homes. You get to discover the kind of clubs you have always hoped you would find – open-air, right on the beach with palm trees and sensational live music, where drinks are cheap and its easy to find a dance partner!!! And you get to dance through the streets of Accra followed by hundreds of Ghanaians eager to cheer you on as you dance their ‘Fume Fume’. I remember thinking quite often ‘Ghana just can’t get any better than this… but it always did!!!’

Helen Seignior – Melbourne, Australia

‘It's very hard to describe simply how phenomenal this experience was.
It was everything and more I imagined, and I gained so much from it, not just musically. Has and will continue to have a lasting affect on my perspective, and some great memories to cherish, the people, the music, the laughter, the dancing. Just phenomenal.'

Jack Caldwell-Nichols – Scotland

‘A truly remarkable time that far exceeded any of my expectations.
I wasn’t at all ready to leave Ghana, and as much as I wanted to take on the challenge of Kilimanjaro, I did so leaving Ghana with a heavy heart and wishing I could take all of you with me. If I had known that the program Kusun had put together was going to be anywhere near as professional, rewarding and energising as what I experienced there is no way I would have considered leaving Ghana as soon as I did. I think that what Tettey, Jane & Ray are doing with the tour is absolutely phenomenal and a brilliant opportunity for anyone wanting to have the experience of studying music overseas’.

Carla Bassil – Australia

‘The Kusun Tour has been an overwhelmingly stimulating experience that I will be digesting for years to come. The reasons why we love, perform and share music have become all too abundantly clear here for me in Ghana’

David Ward – Vancouver, Canada

‘Deciding to do the Kusun Study Tour was definitely the best decision I have ever made. The music was fantastic and the people so friendly. I was made to feel welcome and looked after fantastically the whole time I was there. My favourite memory is performing in front of about 300 people at a funeral after only 5 days of lessons!!! It was such wonderful fun’.

Caroline Anderton - York, UK

‘The Study Tour was a treat for all the senses. I can still feel the rhythms coursing through my veins; dancing and laughing so much it hurts; the spices on my tongue and the sun on my face. I will always remember the amazing Ghanaians – the teachers and the locals – who welcomed us into their lives so readily. I feel privileged to have been a part of this wonderful and unique experience…..Ghana has a permanent place in my heart’.

Alanna Maguire – Melbourne, Australia

‘I miss so many aspects of Ghana….I think about all the people I met (and it really was a fantastic group). I will certainly treasure all the memories.....’

Karan Orszewski – Yorkshire, UK

‘What an amazing experience. I felt so privileged to be taught by such gifted and patient musicians and dancers. You really felt welcome everywhere you went, with people wanting to know about where you are from, every child from the village saying hello and wanting their photo taken and the old woman that would dance with you on the street. I really miss things such as watching the many performances that were put on for us and going out all night dancing to reggae on the beach, then returning home and walking up the road for a late night ‘egg and bread’. But, most of all, I miss the many friends I made. I can’t wait to go back’.

Tim Veitch – Tumbi Umbi, Australia

‘I never, ever in my wildest dreams, imagined it would be so good!!! It was a wonderful learning experience, so much fun and so totally enjoyable. I was a rank beginner with the djembe and Tettey and his Kusun Ensemble were extremely patient, amazingly helpful and very skilled at teaching the drumming, singing and dancing. We all found the Ghanaian people so happy and engaging. Its not often you walk through someone’s backyard and get invited to stay for a meal! And the local food, simply delicious! I love it all – the sights and sounds and smells. And the entertainment provided. The welcoming ceremony for our group at Tettey’s village was like being on the inside of a National Geographic documentary! Unbelievable! And our performances – what a blast!!!!! What can I say, other than anyone half interested in this opportunity , the only regret you will ever have is if you don’t go!’.

Paul Holwell – Melbourne, Australia

‘Thankyou so much for such a powerful experience. I had an incredible month. The memories are only now surfacing, the value of what I learned is only now settling for me. An unforgettable time’.

Denisa Hrncirik – Kyoto, Japan

‘The Kusun Study Tour was a life-changing month of cultural discovery and intense dance and drumming training. The classes were hard work but fun and shared with a group of like minded people from all over the world (with plenty of partying to balance the study!) The standard of teaching was excellent and made more profound by learning from the musicians’ own cultural heritage. Even more rewarding than the funky dance moves was experiencing life in a Ghanaian village, getting an understanding of the culture and getting to know people and their way of life. It really was a wonderful experience that has left me planning my next trip back. This tour helps support the maintenance of the traditional rhythms and dances within the younger generations of the Nungua community, and as such is an incredibly valuable project’.

Kayla Mindarl – Broome, Australia

‘I went to Ghana to play and dance – and I got more than I could handle!!!!! The biggest lesson I got was that you cannot begin to understand this music without multiple players – music as part of the community. What I have noticed since my return in my own playing is that I have improved tone, speed, accuracy and endurance. My ear for music has improved enormously. My dancing still sucks……but that is not a surprise!!!!!

Matt Chesmore – New York, USA

‘Ghana is a daily celebration of hip-shaking, laughter, rhythm and colour. A year later. I still miss waking each morning to the uninterrupted view over the Atlantic Ocean, and the daily class where we danced barefoot in the sand and sang with gusto ‘‘Funtelema e-e-e’!!! Instead of feeling like a ‘tourist’ I felt a part of a vibrant community; drinking at the local ‘spots’; shopping in the markets and eating the homemade groundnut soup. I have shared many of these stories with friends and each time I find myself waving my arms and legs (and hips and shoulders) around in animation to try to best explain….how else do you describe the movement, volume, joy, passion, flavour and vibrancy of such an exhilarating experience?’

Kate McKenzie – Melbourne, Australia

‘To be woken up in the morning by a gospel choir in a church 3 doors up in full voice singing Bob Marley’s ‘One Love’ is an experience I shall never forget. The spirit, friendship, generosity and musical talent of the people of the Kusun Ensemble (and of Ghana) is truly inspirational. I would recommend this tour to anyone who has a love of life, people and music. Ghana is forever in my soul’.

Mick Thomas – Melbourne, Australia

‘Though it was wonderful at the time, now that I am back home I miss Ghana – the music, the people, even the spicy fishy food. I can now fully appreciate the experience I have had, and this amazing Ghanaian spirit I feel that I have gained in my dance’.

Leah Jones – Wales, UK

‘I would recommend this course to anyone. Great exploration into African rhythms and culture, with excellent teachers’.

Yuval Wetzler – Israel

‘A multi-level adventure: bathed in music and different rhythms - tuition by teachers with a sense of joy and physicality - local culture - communal living - tropical third world – colourful, confronting and very rewarding’.

Margaret Hopkins – Melbourne, Australia

‘For me, being half Ghanaian and having lived most of my life in Ghana, this four week course was an unusually fulfilling immersion into my own culture. After four weeks we were ready for our stage show……..Great teachers, fun group. Definitely worth it’.

Marita Kayo van Landewijk – Tema, Ghana


students at a Kusun studey TourGroup photo of the 2008 study tour

students at a Kusun studey Tour

students at a Kusun study Tour

students at a Kusun study Tour

students at a Kusun study Tour

students at a Kusun study Tour

students at a Kusun study Tour

students at a Kusun study Tour

students at a Kusun study Tour

students at a Kusun study Tour

students at a Kusun study Tour


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